Our range of rusted plant supports are inspired by living willow structures and are individually crafted in our studio. The supports and trellis weather and change through the seasons giving them an animated sculptural quality wonderful as stand alone pieces or as supports for roses, sweet peas or clematis.
Price includes UK delivery*

Flower Pyramids

1.5m £150
1.8m £195
2.1m £235

Flower Globe

1.5m x 65cm £445

Flower Heart

1.1m x 85cm £375

Flower Fence

1m x 90cm £225

Flower Treillage

Set of three £395

Flower Edger

40cm x 1m £135

Flower Trellis

1.5m x 60cm £225

*Surcharge to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands may be applicable.  
Allow up to 14 days for delivery and inform us within 48hrs of any damage.  
Our products are hand forged so small variations will occur.