Rusted Flower Fencing


A versatile addition to the garden, use as individual panels staked into the ground or in a series as a fence.

1.2m high x 88cm £155

Trellis and Fencing


The combination of our rusted flowers and flowing lines of our metalwork create an attractive and practical solution to trellis and fencing. We can also forge up pieces to your requirements, sketching out proposals and working with the client to ensure their needs are met.

Rusted Gothic Flower Trellis


Distinctive rusted gothic style trellis that can't fail but to add character to any entrance way.

1.5m high x 60cm £185

Rusted Flower Screens


Our elegant tracery screens can be used individually fixed to wall or linked together 3 or more to form a freestanding screen that can be planted or left as a sculptural piece to create a secluded corner in your garden.

2.1m high x 60cm wide £250 per screen – Set of three £700


Rusted Flower Edging


Create a defined and elegant border to your flower beds or paths with our delicate curved edging.

40cm high x 1m £105

Rusted Flower Trelliage


Secured to the wall above a window or a bench, it creates an attractive support for climbers or shrubs.

70cm high x 45cm wide £125

Set of 3 £350



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