Supports and Planters


From our willow inspired Pyramids and graceful Flower Globe to the unashamedly romantic Flower Heart we have produced a collection of distinctive flower supports that lend character and style to any garden.

Rusted Flower Pyramids


Inspired by traditional willow structures, a perennial favourite for the border or planter. Individually crafted.

1.5m £135

2.1m £195

Flower Heart


An elegant and popular piece, our heart shaped trellis/planter is wall mounted to encourage your climbers to intermingle with our rusted flowers and stems

1.2m high x 1m £295

Rusted Flower Globe


Plant the globe with fragrant honeysuckle, sweet peas or clematis. Locate directly into the ground or give extra height in a terracotta pot.

1.5m high x 65cm diameter £385


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